In and Out Secret Menu

Ordering off the menu at fast food chains has become popular in the last few years, and fans of In and Out Burger are no exception to this. The California based chain in in out menu┬áhas always made a policy of treating its customers well, and it’s not exactly a secret that they will go to great lengths to combine items and customized orders in order to make their customers happy. In fact, the chain released their own version of some of the more popular “secret menu items”, but there are also quite a few fan favorites that did not make the list.

Animal Style

This is definitely the most popular option on the In and Out Secret Menu. This option has been around since the chain first opened and has gained a loyal following. Less of a secret item and more a of a secret option, Animal Style involves adding pickles, extra spread, grilled onions, and mustard to any burger. It’s a little sloppy, but fans of the chain swear by it. In recent years, Animal style fries have become popular as well. It sounds a little strange, but once you’ve tried it you’re sure to see why.

3×3 and 4X4 Burgers

Most fast food places offer some sort of double burger and even In and Out has one one their menu, but that’s usually as many patties and as much cheese as they are willing to put on a burger. In-N-Out Burger is a little different. Two popular items on the In and Out secret menu are the regular burger with 3 or 4 patties and slices of cheese. You can even have it Animal Style if you want. In and Out is all about customer satisfaction, so if you want 12 patties and 12 slices of cheese, they’ve been known to make patties that large. You might want to get out a knife, fork, and a whole bunch of napkins, because a burger that big is sure to be messy.

Neapolitan Shake

The In and Out Secret Menu is not just about crazy burgers and fries. There are also some pretty great dessert options as well. If you love Neapolitan ice cream and want it in milkshake form, you can just ask for a Neapolitan Shake. The creamy blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry is a fan favorite. Of course if you want just two of the flavors blended together, you can ask for that as well.

Root Beer Float

This a is another popular dessert item. More of a root beer milkshake, it combines root beer with a vanilla milk shake. You can either have the staff mix this for you by ordering a root beer float or you can make it yourself. You can order a vanilla milk shake and root beer from the soda fountain. Be careful though, if you mix it yourself you could make a mess, so you might want to ask first to make sure it’s okay.

The In and Out Secret Menu is one of the things that makes this chain so popular. Most of the items on the menu are fairly basic compared to other fast food chains. The chains policy of catering to their customers, and the staff’s willingness to make whatever customers order as long as they have the ingredients and the equipment have made this west coast based chain very popular.

Candle Ideas For Thanksgiving

Beautiful candle decorations can light up your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Some of the best candle ideas for thanksgiving are:


You can transfer a normal pillar candle into a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration by just adding some corns. Buy some Indian corns and then tie the corns with the candle using a twine. In order to give a more elegant and classy look, it will be better to replace the twine with some colorful ribbons.


This is a very simple yet beautiful idea. All you need is just a votive candle and some unshelled nuts. Place the candle in a glass container and then surround it with the nuts. This looks good everywhere, you can keep it on your table or fireplace mantel.


You can combine a pillar candle with some colorful leaves for a beautiful display. Carefully paste the leaves on the candle. It will also be better if you manage to give the leaves one or two coats of decoupage medium.


For this decoration, you need a muffin tin. Fill up the different cups in the muffin tin with various kinds of seeds and make some lentil and bean balls. In order to make those, you need some plastic foam balls and then cover them up with dried lentils. Place a votive candle in or two of the cups of the muffin tin. If you manage to give the lentil balls a polyurethane coat, then they will shimmer in the candlelight.


Just go to the nearest supermarket and get some dry fruits like almonds. Surround the candle with the almonds and then tie them up with a twine. The candle should be placed in a colorful and decorative place and surrounded by some other dry fruits.


This is one of the best decorations for Thanksgiving. The true essence of Thanksgiving is thanking your family for the continuous support. Hence, a family photo pasted in a candle is a great idea. Carefully measure the circumference of the candle and then select a nice family photo. You can also decorate the photo with some stickers. The setup looks even better when you tie some ribbons to the base of the candle.


Dried beans and lentils can also be used for another kind of candle decoration. For this decoration, first you need a big glass cylinder and then place the candle inside the cylinder. Fill the glass cylinder with some dried beans. And then surround the glass cylinder with hundreds of small black beans. It looks best if you keep the glass cylinder in a large, colorful bowl. The overall setup looks really great once you light the candle.


Sometimes the best decorations are the most simplest ones. All you have to do is just find a shallow bowl and then fill it up with a mixture of popcorn kernels and dried beans. Carefully place a votive candle in the middle of the mixture. The best thing is that, it even looks good without lighting the candle.

3 Ways You Can Turn Your Crafts Into Cash

There is a huge market for handmade goods. This is because not only are handcrafted products truly unique, but they also offer a standard of quality that cannot be found in mass produced items. Consequently, there are many opportunities that will allow you to turn your crafts into cash. Below you will learn more about a few of these options so that you can start earning some extra money as early as today.

Selling On Social Media

Social media sites may be best known for their ability to connect family and friends from around the world, however, they are quickly becoming amazing resources for businesses as well.

In addition to personal profile pages, individuals are also able to start community pages and group pages so that they connect with people who have similar interests. These groups can also be a great way to sell small items such as crafts.

When choosing to sell on social media, you will have to basic options. You can choose to sell only on local pages that allow buyers to pick up their items in person, or you can choose to sell on niche pages that require you to ship items but offer a more targeted audience.

If you choose to sell to buyers from all over the world, be sure to include the cost of shipping your items in your asking price. You will also need to offer the ability to accept payments online. This can be done through a payment process server such as PayPal.

Local Craft Shows

Local craft shows are perhaps the most traditional way turning crafts into cash. These shows are often hosted by local community centers and churches. While they can be held any time of year, they are most often held in the late spring or early summer. This ensures the best weather for patrons, especially when hosting an outdoor show.

When selling through a local craft show, you will typically be required to pay a small fee in order to rent booth space. This fee gives you the right to sell your crafts for the duration of the show. The overall success of these sales will depend greatly upon location.

Utilizing Auction Sites

Auction websites are another great way to turn your crafts into cash. In many cases these sites will accept payment for you and then forward the payment to your personal account. This provides you with an additional layer of protection that you will not have when selling on social media sites.

While it is customary to start auctions with a low bid in order to attract potential buyers, remember that you could be stuck selling your items for this low price if there is not competing bids. Therefore, it is vital that you always start with the lowest price you can afford to actually sell your crafts for when creating an auction listing.

A Final Thought

The venue through which you choose to sell your crafts can have a significant impact on how quickly the items sell and how much you make from each sale. Therefore it is essential that you take the time to carefully consider the pros and cons of each market before choosing the venue or venues that are best suited to your particular products and needs.

5 Steps To Icing Cakes

Icing or frosting a cake can be made in a number of ways, depending on the texture, style and flavor you prefer. You can use your own preference in order to select something that can complement what you have baked. You can make different kind of frostings, but caramel and chocolate frostings are the best choices, especially with softer textured cakes and it’s oilier cakes that are great with the fluffier icings, like buttercream or cream cheese. So, you can follow these 5 steps to icing cakes.

Step 1: Cool the cake

After baking two layers of cake of the same size, you have to give time, in order to allow the two pieces of cake to cool completely. Make sure that you wait until your cake is cool before icing. If it is still warm, your icing will melt into the cake and run down the sides and your cake will be destroyed. Keep in mind also that you have to let it at a room temperature, until it doesn’t feel warm when you touch it with your finger.

Step 2: Use powdered sugar

You will need a cup or so of confectioner’s (or icing) sugar for for a cake that is approximately 9 inches. Keep in mind that powdered sugar usually contains a small amount of anti-caking agent, in order to prevent clumping and improve flow. But try not to use granulated sugar, or brown, because you won’t have the results you want. Your cake will result in a grainy textured icing.

Step 3: Oil a cup of water

After you have boiled the water, poor a teaspoon of it over the sugar and stir the water with the sugar until it generates a smooth consistency. But if you think that the icing is too thick, you have to add another teaspoon of water and you have to keep stirring and adding very small amounts of water until you get the right consistency. In case you add too much water and the icing doesn’t take a good formation, you can add some confectioner’s sugar.

Step 4: Add colour and flavour

If you want to customize your icing with a nice color or flavor, you can add a few drops of food coloring and flavoring. For example, you can add two or three drops. Then, you have to stir them throughly for about five minutes and if you like you can keep adding color and flavor until the icing reaches the color and taste you wish.

Step 5: Spread the icing on the cake

You can place some icing on the top of the cake, by using a spoon and spread it over with a spatoula. Then, you have to spread it evenly (better with a better knife) all over the cake and you have to keep using the same motion you’d use to spread the butter onto a slice of bread. Also you have to spread the icing around the cake and on the top of it. When you have finished it, you can also decorate your cake by adding sprkinkles, plastic characters or birthday candles if you like.